Mischief Mogul 


Please note: this is a free edition and the player will only be able to play 10 days! If you want to enjoy the complete game please download the Premium Edition!

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we listened to you & made the changes! check out the new characters and special effects that have been introduced!
Handle the heat of becoming the most wanted mogul on the planet.Own the store of the century.
Play the role of Jason pimp a new Adult store owner in the city of sin. Jason has inherited the P.I.M.P’s a store that has fallen into bad times due to the exploits of his late Uncle Hugh pimp. You are in charge of the store and you have Jack “Dildo” who helps you to become the tycoon of the sex store which everybody would love to own.
Play this hilarious and naughty game which takes you from the brink of bankruptcy to the heights of a millionaire. You have 30 days to pay the banks up and you are on your own in this wonderful strategic and time management simulation.
Serve your customers such as porn stars, Hollywood celebs, geezers cougars & many more well and you make money, piss them off and you are a beggar on the street. The banks are coming after you so make sure you got the moolah that they require.
Over 15 hilarious characters and a great story line make Mischief Mogul the game to own.
So come on board and become the next Mischief Mogul in this hilarious and addictive game.