Zealcity studios is an Independent game development and Tech company based out of Chennai, India. We are a group of passionate game developers who have built our experience by publishing games in our own way.

Zealcity as we like to call our company always aims to build products & services to help people change the world in their own small way, whether be it games or interactive entertainment products such as education or VR or a smartphone application we bring our experience and passion to help people and companies succeed in their endeavors.

Connect with us by dropping an e-mail or just say hi to us in our social pages as we are always looking for new friends to connect with and help build our passion.

Our Studio is home to over 45 passionate developers, 3d artists, Graphics designers, product managers ,Quality assurance specialists, Online & Social media marketing specialists.

Our vision:

Gaming or tech is an ever changing world. Whether we want to build the world’s greatest app or game we still need to realise that we have to believe in what we do!

At Zealcity we believe what we do helps people bring about a change in other people’s lives in a positive way. Our vision is simple we aim to help people who want to make a change in the most positive way by providing tools, passion and the people that would help them achieve what they dream to do.

Our expertise:

We always believe its better to let you know how we work and how good we are before you choose to work with us rather than say we can do things that we are not capable of.

Please have a look at our services section to see the services that we can provide with the best of our abilities.