Sports Store Tycoon

Sports Store Tycoon


Your time management and strategy skills will be put to the test! Can you become a tycoon in an economy which is under severe rescission where jobs are hard to come by and making money is impossible!

Do you have what it takes to compete with a retail giant with absolutely no ethics?

You are Sport city’s last hope!
Bring the glamor back into retail and take on Sports Zone. Become a tycoon in the world of sports. In a city where sports are a religion, the monopolistic supremacy of “Sports Zone” has hampered the spirits and livelihood of citizens. Without many answers, the mayor of sports city turns towards you, to help them resurrect the entire city.

Start your store from scratch and work your way up to beat the Giant sports Zone. Your Time management & strategy skills will be tested to the limit when you go up against a giant like Sports Zone.

Whether you want to play honestly or smuggle your way to the top you need to gain market share and you are the last hope for the city that has no hope.

Here are a few exciting features that can get you addicted to sports store tycoon:

•Over 20 different hard to please customers
•Over 50 products to be unlocked
•Variety of Promotional plans to gain popularity
•Buy honestly or smuggle your way to the top
•Game Center Support
•Over 30 achievements
•Exclusive leader boards
•Free updates
•Daily newspaper updates
•Dodge the Inspectors and create more wealth
•Take out loans and grow faster

Addictive game Play
In Sports store tycoon your time management and strategy skills will be put to the test. Gain popularity and become the tycoon of the sports store business.

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